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Naxos is one of the most important islands of Cyclades with a very long history! Many different conquerors have left their mark in Naxos with several constructions that are considered nowadays as unique sightseeings that represent an important period of the island`s past.
Below there is a list with the most important sightseeings and attractions of Naxos that every traveler should visit and see.

  • Apollon Temple (Portara)

A huge gate with the name Portara is the trademark of Naxos and it is located just outside of the port. The origin comes from the greek name “Porta” which means door and the monument is considered as the entrance of God`s Apollon temple that was never finished in the 5 century B.C. The temple of Apollon is the most popular sightseeing of Naxos because of its position where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Naxos and Aegean Sea. The best time of the day to be there is on sunset!

  • Castle of Sanudo

The castle represents the Venetian period when the ruler Marko Sanudo in 1207 transformed Cyclades into an Aegean Duchy and Naxos was considered as the headquarters. He constructed a very impressive castle that stands opposite Naxos port and has been protected the island every since. Part of the castle is used nowadays as an archaeological museum that is one of the most important sightseeings of Naxos.

  • Demeter Temple

The temple of Demeter, the goddess of grain, stands since 6th century B.C in the area of Sagri near the center of Naxos. The temple was constructed for religious reasons in a very fertile areas as a big thank you from the local habitants to the goddess.

  • Dionysos Temple

Dionysos, the god of wine is considered as the favorite god of Naxos because according to mythology he has blessed the island to produce excellent quality of wine. The temple of Dionysos is located in Iria, 5 klm far from Naxos city.
One of the most important greek myths is mentioning that Dionysos has felt in love with princess Ariadne. The princess was supposed to leave the island with Theseus but the god kidnapped her and lived together ever since in mountain Zeus.

  • Kouros of Melanes and Apollonas

Statue of Kouros is a semi finished statue of a young man that represents either a very healthy and powerful man of the period either a god like Apollon or Dionysos that were adored by the habitants of Naxos.
Two different in size Kouros 6 and 10 meters long have been constructed in Naxos, one is located in the area of Melanes and the second is located in Apollonas village.

  • Mountain Zas (Zeus)

Zeus (Zas) mountain is the highest mountain of Cyclades and it is located 20 klm far from Naxos port. The mountain was named Zeus by the God of Gods, that according to the myth he grew up in this mountain after he has been haunted by his father Kronus.
The mountain is a very popular trekking destination with small paths that lead to the top where an amazing view Naxos and Aegean Sea is the reward!

  • Panagia Drosiani

One of the most important christian sightseeings of Naxos is the church of Panagia Drosiani located near the area of Moni. Built in the 6th century A. D, it is supposed to be an important monument of Byzantium era with rare Christian paintings.

  • Kitron Distillery

A small distillery that works nowadays as a museum is located in Halki, the old capital of Naxos. Vallindras family was producing the tradition liquer of Naxos with the name Kitron since 1896. In the museum you can find a small presentation of the machines that used to produce the liquer in the past and of course you can taste Kitron in a traditional way. © 2015 / EOT: 1144K112K0383600 - Created by ConsActing